2017—Lubbock High School Auditorium Renovation

Lubbock ISD—Lubbock High School Auditorium Renovation
Architect: BGR Architects, Inc.

Original 80-year old lower auditorium all-wood seats replaced with new padded seats, with near-perfectly matching detailed standards. All new digital and HD A/V equipment. All new stage drapery and lighting, and renovated rigging. Light truss added. All new carpet and epoxy floor finishes. Sound control panels mounted to some walls. House lighting replaced with LED fixtures. New window drapery w/ electric translucent and blackout shades. Stage floor replaced/refinished. HVAC noise eliminated.


Design—Star of Distinction

Introduction of state-of-the-art theatrical and A/V systems provides the students with training in front-line systems they will encounter in higher education and public performance venues, providing them with higher-value skills than available in many other school districts.


Value—Star of DistinctionReplacement of all lighting systems with either new LED fixtures or LED lamps will greatly reduce the life-cycle cost of lighting the auditorium and operating the stage lighting systems. Similarly, all new A/V systems with greatly improved energy efficiency will further reduce the life-cycle cost to the district of operating the auditorium.




With distinguished graduates such as Buddy Holly, Mac Davis, and Ralna English, Lubbock High School is one of the most important landmarks in the Lubbock community. All additions and renovations to this campus have been carefully designed to respect and retain the original architectural styling of the campus, allowing the entire Lubbock community, regardless of school loyalty, to continue to be proud of this campus and its legendary heritage.



School Transformation


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