2015 — Flower Mound High School

Lewisville ISD—Flower Mound High School 9th Grade Campus

Upgrades were needed at the existing campus in order to bring the buildings up to code, including new fire alarm systems and vault improvements. It also included upgrades to the existing high school, based on new technology and instructional goals of the district. Some of these improvements included, expansion of the existing cafeteria to allow for larger capacity, furniture for the new cafeteria areas, and deployment of wireless access systems with associated infrastructure for the existing HS.


The addition of a 9th grade campus was a community goal, as they had learned the benefits of separating 9th graders as they entered high school to make the transition from middle school easier. The location of the new ninth grade campus, attached to the high school, but with its own entry and separation from the campus helped to make the transition easier, as students would be housed at their home campus.

Stars of Distinction Design

A major goal was to make it a learning space, which led to the creation of the “Learning Hub”. This idea combined the activities associated with a library and a cafeteria along with a selection of movable furniture to support these activities. The learning hub is an open, fluid space that is the main focus of the building. The space also took on a curved shape which was done to create a connection with the existing high school, also characterized with plenty of glass to allow natural light.


The district underwent a Strategic Design Process, resulting in a new vision that made the learner responsible for their future. The entire student community was able to participate through a photography exercise, responding to the question “Where do you learn best?” submitting photos highlighting their favorite learning places, which were incorporated into the design.


Shading devices are on the exterior of the windows to eliminate a glare and diffuse natural light . Daylight harvesting sensors are in all classrooms, allowing for lights along the windows to turn off on bright days. The HVAC system was accomplished through the use of high efficiency roof top units; they do not include hot gas reheat, so energy usage is reduced and moisture controlled.


The budget was established for the construction of a 9th grade campus on a stand-alone site, allowing funds to be used for other facilities on campus. The district was able to build new facilities and enhance the overall fine arts and athletic facilities. The material selections were done to reduce initial costs, whilst reducing long term costs. Durable materials such as brick and aluminum framing characterize the exterior of the building, and sealed concrete on the interior.

School Transformation

Learning studios were created to break the campus down into learning communities. The room has a folding wall that opens to the collaboration space, creating a multipurpose space. There are no individual classrooms, rather team rooms that teachers and students utilize for work. All rooms have glass sliding walls that serve as a writing surface to encourage the use of all surfaces to share their work.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner