2015 — Success High School

Round Rock ISD—Success High School

Serving students who desire acceleration, need evening classes to fit their personal schedules, or are in at-risk situations, this high school provides maximum flexibility to support varying curriculum and class sizes. Academic spaces feature integrated labs, design studios with operable partitions, and small group rooms. The campus includes food service, athletic facilities and a childcare center, which doubles as a teaching component for an Early Childhood Education curriculum.

Stars of Distinction Community

To support and encourage students who need non-traditional schedules and curriculum, the design provides transparency, flexibility, technology, connections, inspiration, color and encouragement. Glass walls around the balcony have inserts for student artwork. Inspirational messages instill pride. The exterior design combines high school, college and corporate elements that fit in with the neighborhood and the district’s vernacular architecture.


A two-story Commons is the heart of the school, anchored at one end by a career center to emphasize post-graduate opportunities, and at the other by a raised platform used for school events. Flexible seating and moveable partitions allow the space to be used for dining, presentations, gatherings, collaboration and study. Interior windows put education on display. Wireless access and charging stations/lockers support technology use. A Discovery Center features computers and comfortable seating.

Stars of Distinction Planning

More than 30 administrators, faculty, students, parents, and business and community members participated in intensive design charettes. Their collective vision was to “create a place where kids want to come to school on Sundays.” The learning environment supports the school’s mission and goals, providing transparency, flexibility, technology, and inspiration for students who need non-traditional schedules and curriculum. Food service, fitness facilities and a child care center support students.

Stars of Distinction Sustainability

Designed to meet the goal of LEED Silver certification, the building is flooded by natural light and features recycled/regional materials, such as reclaimed wood around the balcony, low VOC paint, and highly efficient HVAC and lighting systems. The building was oriented on the site to enhance energy performance, alternative transportation means, and water efficient landscaping. Consideration was given to improving the facility for students in addition to initial and operating costs.


Flexible seating and walls in classrooms and the Commons space accommodate varying curriculum and class sizes and multiple functions. Materials were selected for durability, energy efficiency and functionality. A childcare center supports the early childhood education program and student parents. The campus is secure but accessible for use by neighborhood groups, the community college, and various organizations. A campus playground, parking and disc golf course are open to the community.

Stars of Distinction School Transformation

Innovative learning experiences are supported by the educational environment. A Discovery Center with computers and comfortable seating encourages reading and research. Integrated labs, design studios with operable partitions, and breakout areas with writable walls support collaboration and study. A graphics lab, hospitality classroom, and childcare center provide real-world learning opportunities. Technology enhances digital learning, supported by wireless access and charging stations/lockers.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner