2017—Lois Lobit Elementary & Elva Lobit Middle School

Dickinson ISD—Lois Lobit Elementary & Elva Lobit Middle School
Architect: PBK

This “Education Village” consists of an Elementary and Middle School combined on one site with shared commons spaces — Library, Dining Area, Kitchen; Servers 1,400 Students on a 50 acre site.


Master planning the site as an Education Village enables synergies that enhance the learning environment and creation of shared spaces that benefit surrounding communities. The use of vibrant, lively colors provide a contemporary environment that compliments the campus’ coastal setting. Super-graphics throughout the school highlight inspirational words and motivational phrases that accentuate the learning environment.


The village’s schools share resources to maximize the educational experience for each student. During normal operations, each building enjoys a dedicated cafeteria. However, when joined together, the campus showcases a large, multi-purpose space with stage that is used for community events, student performances and school activities. By maximizing the opportunities to use multi- use, flexible shared facilities, we saved the district $1.7 million dollars.


The facility accommodations of the education village exhibit a reduced environmental footprint through the sharing of a common library, administration suite, dining space, parking (and paving), electrical and plumbing infrastructure. The shared courtyard grants natural daylight to all surrounding spaces which, in addition to stimulating learning, also contributes to campus energy efficiency.


Due to a thriving local economy, young families have been flocking to this region. The education village provides a place for community to unite in an older neighborhood setting that was short of gathering venues. The village also creates a community within the school itself — shared open spaces such as collaboration spaces and the library provide a perfect setup for peer learning (project-based) activities where older students serve as mentors to younger students.


The project team led multiple collaborative visioning sessions and workshops with district officials and campus administrative staff to strategize and create a unique, 21st Century learning environment for district students. The process resulted in the open library concept and outdoor learning courtyard. Later, a peer curriculum was created to capitalize on these innovative spaces.

School Transformation

The centralized library is organized in a manner that maximizes student collaboration while providing flexible and agile learning spaces. A single, retractable wall permits the separation of elementary and middle school students into two separate meeting/dining spaces. Once retraced, the dining commons becomes a singular space for community events and school activities.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner