2018—New Tech Middle School

Manor ISD—New Tech Middle School
Architect: Stantec

This new middle school is part of the New Tech network, utilizing a Project Based Learning pedagogy. Discussions with the planning committee indicated that the design must accommodate a variety of group sizes and activities ranging from quiet, solo study to loud, group work. An open design will accomplish this flexibly, furnished with mobile tables, chairs and whiteboards. This is a new comprehensive, three-level school with a total area of 120,000 sf in phase one and 8,000 sf in phase two.

Design—Star of DistinctionDesign

  • “Tailored to meet evolving needs of students, the learning environment removes barriers, incorporates collaboration spaces, and is rich in technology
  • The design features a three-story, open and flexible plan centered around a central learning hub
  • Enhances learning by creating an environment that encourages interaction with access to resources
  • Passive supervision from teacher work areas to collaboration spaces
  • Decentralized media is accessible from the central hub and each collaboration area”

Value—Star of DistinctionValue

  • “Compact/Flexible plan allows more interior space to be functional learning space while reducing building footprint and roof areas
  • Using durable,low maintenance materials reduces life cycle maintenance cost
  • Building orientation exploits natural day lighting while minimizing solar heat gain
  • LED lighting, water conservation measures, highly effective building envelope, and high efficiency HVAC systems and controls all reduce annual operating cost
  • Project was delivered on time and under budget”


  • “Daylight to 100% of classrooms and labs
  • Reduced maintenance and life-cycle costs by using efficient and cost-effective materials, lights, HVAC system, water/energy efficiency, daylighting, and an efficient compact footprint
  • Exterior learning space at low operational cost and provides a connection to nature
  • Energy efficient envelope: optimize energy performance by 24% – efficient glazing, location of windows, screening, R-value
  • Polished concrete and linoleum flooring require no waxing”

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

  • “Completes the District’s vertically-aligned PBL curriculum, resulting in greater engagement by creating smaller learning communities
  • Reflects the values and direction of the community through a setting inspired by contemporary, high-tech work spaces
  • Accommodates district and community functions through use of commons spaces
  • Integrates community heritage displays that are passive learning opportunities
  • Provides a milestone for the community moving forward to meet its future”

Planning—Star of DistinctionPlanning

  • “Interactive planning process engaged more than 50 District staff and community members using hands-on activities to establish the vision and form consensus of support
  • Planning included activities that mapped student activities and movement to define adjacencies and appropriately size learning spaces
  • Planning intent is to allow students to choose the environment, tools, and resources that best suit their individual learning style and complete the task at hand”

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

  • “The school is designed around the life of a project.
  • Informal and collaborative learning spaces throughout the school expand the learning environment beyond the traditional classroom.
  • Students choose the type of space, furniture, and resources that best meets their needs to complete their assigned tasks.
  • The collaborative and technology-rich environment enables students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to compete and succeed in today’s digitally connected world.”

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner