2018—Nimitz Middle School

North East ISD—Nimitz Middle School
Architect: LPA, Inc.

Master Plan to totally modernize 1960’s era Middle School by replacing existing non standard buildings and 9 portables with new additions and interior renovations. Demolition of existing classroom & gymnasiums, addition of new classroom, gymnasiums and accessory facilities. Renovation of existing into new Admin Center, replacement of the central plant, creation of a STEM wing, new library and infusing the history of Admiral Nimitz into the design.


Influenced by naval architecture, the design pays homage to Admiral Nimitz. Vertical organization allowed the design team to use the gifts of the site to create a unique STEM wing, announce the main entrance and connect the entire campus. History is infused throughout the design. The addition proudly acknowledges the educational commitment to the community while creating a better learning environment through educational space planning, safety, housing the STEM program and student services.


The new central plant operates more efficiently. HVAC controls create a better educational environment relative to user comfort. LEDs, low flow fixtures and durable materials contributes to long term M & O savings. Originally, 6th and 7th grade STEM were located on campus, 8th grade was located offsite. The campus now accommodates the entire STEM program. Key elements include a counseling center that caters to Title 1 students and a library that serves all students, staff and community.


The existing shop was repurposed to a new central plant. High efficiency HVAC systems were installed. Sustainable features include LEDs, low VOC products and low flow fixtures. Two deck cannons donated by Admiral Nimitz in the 60’s were relocated and featured, serving as entry monuments. The sustainable community the project provides manifests itself in numerous ways, from lower incidences of discipline issues to a new found pride in a school that was once a ‘ghetto’ school (student quote).

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

The new buildings and renovations have made such a difference, it has renewed the community and school spirit. Our students know who Nimitz is and they understand the significance of his role in history. There are more parents coming to the school than ever before proud that this is their school. Enrollment has increased so much that we are the second largest MS in the district. Our school won our first Middle School Cup, representing outstanding performance in Athletics/Fine Arts/Academics.


Initial meetings were held to plan the plan. Numerous sessions with district and campus staff and other community stakeholders were held to discover and document project goals and guiding principles. In-depth research of existing conditions were coordinated between the district and design team to uncover more deficiencies and identify conditions that would affect design criteria. Collaborative meetings including the district, campus staff and design team were held to create multiple designs.

School Transformation

Originally Orchestra and STEM were housed in 9 portables. Athletics and PE in 2 separate multi level buildings without ADA access. Lack of student service spaces and inferior library and administration spaces. The addition addressed all of these issues while transforming the attitude and pride of an entire student body and community. The campus went from a ‘ghetto school’ to the winner of the Middle School Cup which represents outstanding performance in Athletics, Fine Arts, and Academics


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner