2018—Paetow High School and Stockdick Junior High School

Katy ISD—Paetow High School and Stockdick Junior High School
Architect: PBK

This innovative Education Village combines the newly constructed Stockdick Junior High (grades 6-8), a Ninth Grade Center, and Paetow High School (grades 10-12) constructed on a sprawling 147 acre site. The collegiate-inspired campus style project showcases learning structures connected by a large “Learning Green” consisting of outdoor walkways, activity areas and teaching amphitheaters. The schools feature a three-story academic wing with classrooms, collaboration areas and additional spaces.


Design represents a dramatic departure from the linear layout of traditional schools. Formation of high school and junior high resembles a circular galaxy centered around a nucleus identified as the Learning Green. Vibrant colors provide contemporary environment that compliments the campus’ coastal setting and enabling synergies, enhancing the learning environment. Super-graphics highlight inspirational words and motivational phrases that accentuate school pride and community values.


Schools share resources to maximize educational experiences and provide students with real-world connections, and skills relevant to today’s workforce. Each building has a cafeteria during normal hours that can be combined to provide a large, multi-use space with stage for community events, performances, and school activities. In addition to significant environmental savings, the multi-use, flex spaces and shared elements throughout the campus saved the district millions in construction cost.


Designed to achieve CHPS certification and prioritize longevity and energy efficiency. Daylight sensors & LED lighting utilized throughout interior and louvers, sun shades and low-e glazing protect facade from sun exposure. Orientation of each campus building takes advantage of maximum daylight from North and South – minimizing heat gain from the East and West.

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

The Education Village was a response to the community’s growing population and demand for a structure to accommodate it. It provides robust CTE programs and spaces that answer the needs of the local workforce and community. Multi-use spaces offer the community opportunities to congregate for events. By creating a community within the school itself, shared open spaces, such as collaboration spaces and the auditorium, provide a perfect setup for peer learning (project-based) activities.


Planning process included several visioning sessions and workshops with district officials , campus staff, and community representatives. The planning team established relationships of site elements and basic functional and spatial relationships of the interior program components. The process resulted in an open library concept and outdoor learning courtyard. A peer curriculum was created to capitalize on the innovative shared spaces and “life-long learning” opportunities.

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

A main student circulation spine flanks the green space providing outdoor views compared to other sites that feature views of parking lots. Science labs efficiently use the space, meet safety requirements and have access to power, water and technology. The ability to combine classrooms into larger learning spaces allow teachers to facilitate learning in variety of group settings that are more engaging and interactive. Additional charging stations for mobile devices are prevalent throughout.


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner