VLK Architects, Inc.

VLK Architects is a full-service architectural design firm. With great success since our inception in 1984, we grew from three partners to one of the largest architectural firms in Texas with offices in Fort Worth and Houston. Our design expertise revolves around decades of technical practice and standards that make us a leading innovator in design and architectural service. We have earned numerous design awards, have multiple CHPS and LEED® certified projects and have worked for clients across the state, enjoying a majority share of repeat business.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—Pope Elementary

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—Pope Elementary School

This project in a large fast growth district, was budgeted by the district as a prototype at $135/sf. However, it was decided a new design was warranted for the same value. Collaboration with the district’s curriculum & facilities staff prioritized objectives including taking advantage of the site; master planned community; design supported acoustically sound Pre-K/K classrooms & open concept older grade classrooms; integration of green concepts for teaching & learning; and designed for TX-CHPS.

Denton ISD—Ray Braswell High School

Citizens created a comprehensive high school as a focal point & community gateway reflecting a curriculum based on the essential skills: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking. Organized into Learning Communities, collaborative and project based learning at the heart of the design creating connections, pathways and places to gather fulfilling the District’s Mission: “Empowering lifelong learners to be engaged citizens who positively impact their local and global community.”

Houston ISD—Condit Elementary

Replacing a school that served the community for over 100 years, this new, compact, two-story transformational learning environment is visually open, making excellent use of space. The exterior and interior design expresses the desire of the community for a nontraditional school. The design provides a variety of choices for task focus or casual spaces, giving students responsibility for their own learning, while teachers facilitate, embracing the intense connection between school and community.

Katy ISD—Bethke Elementary

This two-story collaborative learning environment is organized to house specific grade levels while providing collaboration areas for each team. The overall building allows natural light into classrooms to promote student comfort and achievement. Two stories of science labs offer outdoor access with a balcony for older students, while the library media center is an active learning area. Teachers meet, plan and review data in their Instructional Design Area explicit for grade level needs.

Keller ISD—Keller High School

This revered campus has a rich history and strong traditions spanning over three decades. Numerous additions during fast growth left it with a taxed internal circulation system, a diminished front entry, and an insufficient array of programmatic spaces. The renovation successfully realized the unification of departments, modernization of function and learning, and created a refreshed interior and identifiable entrance. Campus branding preserved and reinforced the school’s rich history.

Midlothian ISD—Dolores W. McClatchey Elementary

This new, compact, one story transformational learning environment is visually open and makes excellent use of space. The client required innovative instructional methods and the interior spaces support this expectation. The design provides a variety of choices for task-focus or casual spaces, giving students responsibility for their own learning, while teachers facilitate. Instead of traditional classrooms, grades are organized into learning communities feature collaboration spaces.

Midlothian ISD—Midlothian Heritage High School

Midlothian ISD—Midlothian Heritage High School

This project is Phase I of a new comprehensive high school. This is the 2nd high school in the district and is designed for an initial capacity of 1,000, with core facilities planned for 2,200. Starting with 9th grade only, a grade level will be added each year. Additions were planned to minimize the impact on the existing building. A unique feature is the “World-Class Cafetorium” which serves as a cafeteria, auditorium, black box theater, band practice facility and drama classroom.

Mineral Wells ISD—Lamar Elementary

Mineral Wells ISD—Lamar Elementary

The design reflects the district’s belief of next generation learning that allows students from a rural area to learn the soft skills necessary to compete in a global society. On the site, a neighborhood park, complete with a nature trail and playground, has replaced the original school built in 1955. An updated design was realized as a replacement school without interrupting instruction. The library serves as the heart of the campus and provides space for energy, inspiration, and learning.

Socorro ISD—Purple Heart Elementary

Socorro ISD—Purple Heart Elementary

Career exploration is the focus of this innovative elementary school with one-of-a-kind curriculum aligned with HB 5 endorsements. The first-of-its-kind in its district, features academic hubs that support intentional collaboration and peer learning in each grade level neighborhood. Colorful, flexible, age appropriate furniture outfits all areas supported by technology. Here, career readiness starts at kindergarten, and all students are afforded unique experiences as they begin their journey.