2018—Infinity Early College High School

New Caney ISD—Infinity Early College High School
Architect: Stantec

This new two-story facility houses the district’s early college high school program and was designed in partnership with the local community college to mimic a collegiate environment. The small footprint and flexible areas outside classrooms encourage self-directed learning, with multi-purpose spaces such as the lecture hall opening to extend into the dining commons a feature that lends value to every square foot.


The multi-purpose spaces are designed to create flexible learning environments that support the knowledge and skills necessary for the careers of the future. The use of glass and transparency throughout reinforces passive supervision while learning is constantly on display. The interior color palette and textures mimic the native landscape that surrounds the building, bringing the outdoors in.


The efficient facility gives maximum impact at a low cost. Collaboration zones in corridors give purpose to often under-utilized spaces, and flexible common areas make each square foot more valuable to the program. The smaller facility enhances the student community and improves student-teacher interaction. Providing a new building for the program to grow has allowed the district to invest in their students’ futures through affordable higher education.


Natural daylight permeates throughout the school and promotes a healthy and engaging learning environment. Low maintenance, durable materials were used on the interior and exterior of the building. The visual connectivity to outdoor spaces and nature enhances student engagement and sparks creativity.


The proximity to the partner college campus encourages students to take advantage of amenities and learning opportunities as students of the college program. The small student capacity of 500 leads to a tight-knit community of student leaders. The collaborative approach to design involved students, staff, and community college leaders to integrate local voices into the planning and design process.


Multiple programs were consolidated during the programming process to maximize collaborative use while minimizing square footage. The new location brought the students closer, to feel as if the program were an extension to the community college campus. The building was sited with future expansion in mind and facilitates future program growth. Classrooms and labs were designed to match the collegiate facility standards, with direct input from the community college partner.

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

Physical transformation has enabled the program to provide better educational services and more advanced teaching. Flex spaces bring learning outside the classroom into the hallways, which allows circulation spaces to become part of the learning experience. The student enrollment, previously limited by space, can now accommodate 125 students per grade level. Providing a new space for the program has strengthened school pride and creates opportunities for student academic success.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner