Sustainable design strives to minimize the building impact on the environment, enhance student wellbeing and connect learners with the natural environment. Describe the projects sustainable attributes and how those have been articulated into learning opportunities for students.

Denton ISD—Rodriguez Middle School

The 176,000-square-foot Rodriguez Middle School amplifies freedom of choice through flexible environments and transparency to create successful, well-rounded learners. Each grade level is separated into its own classroom wing, including adaptive collaboration spaces and a learning stair, which can be used for small group projects, lecture seating or an independent study area.

Houston ISD—Milby High School

Houston ISD—Milby High School

Houston Independent School District’s Milby High School is a new facility surrounding and preserving a 1926 historically significant structure. The design incorporates 40,000-sf of renovation with 227,000 sf of new construction. The building program incorporates eight CTE programs that focus on project based, hands-on and linked learning. Site amenities include baseball, softball, soccer, football and practice fields, tennis courts and a walking track along the perimeter.

Irving ISD—Elise Walker Outdoor Learning Center

A unique partnership between the District, the City, and nearby Community College to realize a vision for a center where hands-on environmental education is made possible. The Outdoor Learning Center provides unique learning opportunities for students and faculty. Every indoor and outdoor space was designed to allow flexible use by multiple users. The 25-acre outdoor classroom allows students to explore as they journey through the trail system to study ecosystems, habitats and food chains.