2024-25 Exhibit of School Architecture

Has your district built or renovated a facility in the last five years that has advanced public education, unified the community, and showcased innovative design and learning focus? If so, we invite you to participate in the 2024-25 Exhibit of School Architecture (EoSA), a platform to showcase new and renovated school facilities and celebrate excellence in educational planning and design.

Key Dates:

  • Project Agreement Deadline: June 7
  • Project Submission Deadline: June 21

New Star of Distinction

Wellness is an approach that focuses on supporting the whole child. School design impacts student behavior, development, and academic performance.

Share examples of how wellness strategies have been incorporated in the design of the new or renovated campus, including diverse scales and styles of learning environments, flexible furnishings, views of nature, opportunities for movement and activity, access to nourishment, safety considerations, technology-rich spaces, outdoor learning spaces, equity, and inclusive design features, and overall awe-inspiring features that can help activate learning, play, and reflection for children, inside and outside, during the school day. Explain how these inclusions relate to the overall educational goals of the project.

Jefferson Early Learning Center

The Jefferson Early Learning Center offers Alief ISD’s youngest students a chance to experience the benefits of nature through outdoor activity, play-based learning, and hands-on exploration. The innovative, research-backed design of the 80,557-square-foot center focuses on the individual learner’s experience by providing various specialized environments tailored to diverse learning styles while the overall themes of nature and place are woven in through graphics and furnishings that reflect local experiences and ecosystems. The building, through its immersive environments, natural native landscapes, and courtyards, connects students to their culture and community, embodying what it means to be from Alief, the Gulf Coast, and the state of Texas.

Martinez Early Learning Center

The Martinez Early Learning Center is the inaugural pre-kindergarten campus for Alief ISD. The design takes the form of a village with winding pathways and neighborhoods that house immersive learning experiences to help build literacy and numeracy skills. Curated classroom experiences reflect themes that engage young learners, from space, oceans, and farmland to dinosaurs, construction, and cultures around the world.

South Oak Cliff High School

Dallas ISD won the award for the renovation of South Oak Cliff High School, designed by KAI. In response to community concerns and a dedication to improving educational environments, the district increased the allocation budgeted for South Oak Cliff High School. The design solution focused on providing a healthy, safe, and equitable learning environment by addressing mechanical and functional deficiencies and right-sizing classrooms and extracurricular spaces. Inspirational design elements elevate the daily student experience and celebrate community pride in what has truly become a community space.

Exhibit of School Architecture

The TASA/TASB Exhibit of School Architecture in collaboration with the A4LE- Southern Region Foundation showcases new and renovated Texas schools and celebrates excellence in planning and design of the learning environment. All nominated projects are displayed at the annual TASA/TASB Convention. The projects receiving Stars of Distinction are displayed at the TASA Midwinter Conference, where the Caudill Class winners are announced.

Architecture Archive

This website, created in 2016, serves as a digital archive of Exhibit of School Architecture project entries. All nominated projects are featured for a full year; projects that receive Stars of Distinction will be displayed for 3 years and the Caudill Class status are to be featured for 5 years.

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