2018-19 Winners

The Caudill Class is a design standard presented to districts and architects selected from the field of projects that have received at least four stars from the six Areas of Distinction. Caudill Class recognition is not limited in number but in the opinion of the Caudill Jury is worthy of this special recognition.

Houston ISD—Milby High School

Houston ISD—Milby High School

Houston Independent School District’s Milby High School is a new facility surrounding and preserving a 1926 historically significant structure. The design incorporates 40,000-sf of renovation with 227,000 sf of new construction. The building program incorporates eight CTE programs that focus on project based, hands-on and linked learning. Site amenities include baseball, softball, soccer, football and practice fields, tennis courts and a walking track along the perimeter.

Manor ISD—New Tech Middle School

This new middle school is part of the New Tech network, utilizing a Project Based Learning pedagogy. Discussions with the planning committee indicated that the design must accommodate a variety of group sizes and activities ranging from quiet, solo study to loud, group work. An open design will accomplish this flexibly, furnished with mobile tables, chairs and whiteboards. This is a new comprehensive, three-level school with a total area of 120,000 sf in phase one and 8,000 sf in phase two.