2018—Bridgeland Educational Village

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—Bridgeland Educational Village
Architect: IBI Group

The 573,468 SF high school, 125,725 SF elementary school are part of a multi-campus educational village that will also include a future middle school. The concept takes advantage of shared facilities, programs, and educational opportunities that occur when facilities are in close proximity. The focus of this project was driven by the interaction of students in varying grade levels, as both a learner and a mentor, while maintaining their identity as unique campuses within the village.


4-story academic wings of the high school utilize a central core of science labs on each floor that permits flexibility for instructional delivery in grade alignment, departmentalization, or small learning community formats. Flex spaces of various sizes are located throughout the academic portion of the facilities allowing individuals and teams to work in a variety of settings. A shared outdoor learning courtyard serves all 3 campuses providing age-appropriate, embedded learning opportunities.


The elementary school was designed to share core spaces with the middle school, including a central plant, cafetorium, and kitchen to unify resources and reduce District operating costs. High energy-efficient A/C units, durable finishes, and sustainable practices increase life-cycle costs for the project. Multi-purpose cafetorium can be divided into small dining areas or used as a large performance/event space. A shared parking lot with an adjacent church accommodates overflow event parking.


Green, high-performance TX-CHPS designed village maximizes students’ cognitive performance and provides opportunities for environmental and programmatic learning. Sustainable design elements include reduced building footprint with minimal site impact, condensed roof exposure, east-west academic core orientation for broad daylighting and interior views, and low-emitting, recycled materials. Highly efficient e-glazing, MEP systems, and durable finishes were chosen for longevity and adaptability.

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

The master planned development was influential in the early planning of the village. Understanding the Developers overall vision for the community designated the placement of the exterior learning courtyard at the termination of a pedestrian pathway that runs throughout the development. This joint-use space by District and community members provide accessible routes to the campus from the surrounding neighborhoods. The courtyard serves as a common meeting place for students, staff, and parents.


A village concept generates an extended learning community viable to the student during their educational journey. Progressive, strategic planning enhanced utilization of resources and collaborative learning approaches across disciplines and grade levels. Challenging the students to Lead while they Learn – each student serving as a leader to those that follow – served as the driving force during the design process. Synergies amongst staff and students encourage knowledge sharing and mentorship.

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

Classrooms are organized for maximum flexibility. A combination of traditional and paired ‘L’ shaped rooms produces multiple learning environments to accommodate a range of teaching styles. Flex spaces within the wings allow for individual or small group breakout sessions with clear visibility from inside the classrooms. Science labs with view portals open to the central atrium granting younger grade levels to visit and observe advanced science classes, including a specialized aquatics lab.


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner