2018—Del Valle High School Athletic Facility Addition

Del Valle ISD—Del Valle High School Athletic Facility Addition
Architect: Stantec

This addition to an existing high school campus provides locker rooms, coaches/athletic/athletic trainer offices and support, and indoor athletic training space. Designed to be used by all grades, this space provides lockers for football and boys and girls sports. The facility serves students in band, color guard, dance & drill team, and cheerleaders. The project included enhancements to the existing stadium, separation of home and visitor parking/entries, a play area and tailgating area.


  • The facility is organized around 3 primary blocks -Boys Athletics, Girls Athletics, and Support/Shared-Use
  • The Boys and Girls areas are perpendicular to each other with a shared student entrance providing separation and security
  • Consolidation of the Shared-Use spaces on the second level creates a compact plan that reduces cost and maintenance while simplifying facility management
  • Visitors have a separate entrance with a secure vestibule that leads to an administrative suite


  • The practice field is both flexible and efficient, supporting fine arts, marching band, drill team, and district-wide athletic events
  • Student participation and enrollment increased within a year of the new facility’s opening
  • The indoor field is usable year-round and protects students from the Texas heat, while the field’s cushioned turf reduces impact injuries
  • The two-story compact plan reduces the building footprint and roof area by 16%, in turn reducing the building’s exterior skin


  • The building features large fans that reduce HVAC costs by facilitating natural ventilation
  • The concepts of sustainability and durability are reinforced through using sealed concrete, recycled rubber, and terrazzo flooring throughout the building.
  • The facility’s full LED lighting package and daylight sensors reduce energy consumption.
  • Using turf instead of grass on the field reduces water usage and maintenance.


The district recognized the unique role of the facility in engaging the community. Residents were invited to participate in meetings to gather feedback and ideas.

Based on these meetings, the community wanted a facility that:

  • reflected the values of strength and hard work
  • was accessible to all students
  • would be a community icon and instill school pride
  • provides a safe, year-round learning environment
  • hosted community events


  • To help guide the district’s planning process, an executive committee of key stakeholders, board members, and community members was formed as well as an end user group of coaches, teachers, and students
  • The groups worked together to establish direction and a unified approach based on benchmarking their needs against other facilities around the state
  • The district’s mission statement and beliefs guided a design that would reflect the needs of this community and the students they serve

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

  • The capacity and quality of spaces in the new facility enhance the exercising experience-a vital school transformation feature
  • This building helps to transform attitudes and instill pride with the district’s motivational statements on the main stair risers, dramatic sport-specific branding, and a top-notch weight facility
  • The new facility exceeds the students’ previous experience, changing student perception and behavior and rekindling interest in the district

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner