2016 — ShadowGlen Elementary

Manor ISD—ShadowGlen Elementary School
Architect: BLGY Architecture

A 99,500 SF, 2-Story elementary school designed for a maximum capacity (with portables) of 880 students. Program includes art, music, computer labs and special program classrooms. Total number of regular classrooms is 44.


Connectivity to the neighborhood is enhanced by location of the building closer to the street, thereby providing an improved street frontage.  So also, compatible building materials, forms and scale of the architecture, promote a greater synergy with the neighborhood.


The clarity of the plan provides controlled access at the main entry, and easy supervision of students with a long concourse that runs the length of the facility.  Activity areas are isolated away from the classroom wings to allow for after-hours events and community use while maintaining security in educational areas.  Exterior design is compatible with the neighborhood through scale, material and form.  Interior windows place education on display.


The planning process drew upon the expertise of a large group of school administrators and members of a long-range planning committee.  Transparency, flexibility, access to technology, security  and integration into the neighborhood were important goals for this facility.


The District was interested in pursuing meaningful sustainability goals without a third-party green building certification.  Building orientation optimizes daylight in regularly occupied spaces.  Mechanical systems were designed to Indoor Air Quality Standards recommended by LEED standards, with special attention to low VOC building materials, fresh air ventilation and CO2 classroom sensors.


The school campus was designed to be both secure and accessible for use by the community.  Building materials, mechanical systems and lighting have been selected for durability, energy efficiency and enhanced functionality.  Classroom and commons spaces have been optimized to accommodate multiple learning modalities through flexible seating.

School Transformation

The school campus provides multiple indoor and outdoor 21st century learning opportunities supported by the design of the facility.  Transparency throughout the facility places education on display, encouraging students to learn from their peers through collaboration and communication.  Outdoor learning spaces further advance project-based learning via learning by doing through creativity and critical thinking.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner