2015 — Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School

Pasadena ISD—Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School

New facility; All A/E Services; FF&E Consulting


The monumental entry immediately lets one know that this is much more than a school. Constructed of curtain wall glazing, concrete tilt up panels, metal siding, and exposed angled steel columns, the facility pays homage to local professions and industries in the Pasadena area. The prominent site and school aesthetic establish a destination point where relevance and interaction between School and community are encouraged. Additionally, as a School of choice it reduces overcrowding.

Stars of Distinction Design

The building was designed to promote collaboration and learning in a safe environment. Components and systems are exposed not only to demonstrate the facility’s operation but elicit conversation. The adjacencies and visibility into the programs was critical to encourage collaboration and showcase student work. All spaces were envisioned as a teaching environment with integrated furnishings and graphics to encourage integration, collaboration, and encourage students to pursue their interests.


Visioning sessions examined past and current learning trends and integration of CTE and core curriculum. Additional research; best practice tours; and collaboration with local industry, administration, educators, and students defined program needs. Six academies were identified (business & human services, agriculture, transportation and shipping, manufacturing and construction, health services, technology & engineering).

Stars of Distinction Sustainability

The project complies with LEED and sustainable concepts. Site development including a greenhouse, wind turbines, photovoltaic array, and analemmatic sundial provide educational interaction while reducing electrical demand. Rain water harvesting supplements the irrigation while retention ponds limit runoff into the local watershed. Shading devices, sustainable materials, Cool roofing, and low VOC and no wax finishes provide low maintenance with long life cycle cost.

Stars of Distinction Value

The facility provides multiple efficiencies and cost savings for the District. Durable sustainable finishes reduce maintenance and provide long life cycle costs. Spaces are flexible, multi-use and expandable offering an efficient footprint while encouraging collaboration, engaged students, and easy access to technology. Natural lighting promotes a healthy environment with cost savings due to reduced lighting demand.

Stars of Distinction School Transformation

The high tech facility with state of the art instructional spaces provides a 21st century student centered education. Current technology and equipment were coordinated with local industry to assure programs match current standards and needs. Multiple areas are easily reconfigured by movable glass walls and partitions for flexible, multi-purpose, teaching areas with interactive technology. Day lighting is abundant and fosters a positive school climate for students.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner