2017—Veterans Memorial High School

Judson ISD—Veterans Memorial High School
Architect: Stantec

  • “New 265,000 sf comprehensive high school – the high-growth district’s first in over 12 years – results of successful planning and collaboration
  • Provides students diverse learning environments and programs for academic and career success
  • Partnership with a local college allows students to earn transferable credits hours toward a Bachelor’s degree at no cost
  • Represents community pride and dedication to providing opportunities for future generations”


  • Three-story building provides a super compact footprint without sacrificing the environments for learning spaces
  • The central hub of the school, the Learning Resource Center, connects two academic wings and provides views overlooking the courtyard and cafeteria
  • Designed with the master plan in mind and constructed in two phases to expedite student enrollment and school opening


  • Partnership with a local college allows students to earn transferrable credits hours toward a Bachelor’s degree at no cost
  • Polished concrete floors provide long lifecycle and low maintenance
  • Durable exterior materials (brick & metal panels)


  • 100% daylighting in all academic spaces
  • LED lighting and occupancy sensors throughout
  • Energy efficient 4-pipe chilled water system


  • Partnerships with local businesses and post-secondary institutions
  • The school was named to pay tribute to the military community and appreciation for their service
  • Shared spaces for community uses – athletic and social events
  • As a centerpiece of the community, the school provides new opportunities that connects the district to its community


  • Comprehensive bond planning with district administrators, teachers and parents, resulted in concepts to address the increasing population and on how instruction would be delivered at the new school
  • Phased construction was agreed upon to complete the 2400 student 375,000 SF High School
  • Phase II adds 110,000 SF – academic spaces, Auditorium & Black Box, JROTC Facility, and additional CTE programs

School Transformation

  • This project set out to transform the learning environment with a focus on college-bound & career-ready students
  • Flex spaces on all academic wings
  • Academic wings flank a central core that serves as a student hub that encourages collaboration and interaction

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner