2016— Career & Technology Center

Tyler ISD—Career & Technology Center
Architect: Corgan

The Tyler Career Technology Center supports the district high schools where core classes and athletics are held. Two 400 student sessions are accommodated per day. Career pathways emulating real-world environments and STEM curriculum include Business & Industry, Technology, Arts & Hospitality, Healthcare and Public Service.


Community—Star of DistinctionCurrent and future needs of the business community and local job data was analyzed alongside industry experts prior to programs selections. Cosmetology, Culinary and Auto Tech run as businesses, serving the local community. Healthcare students partner with local hospitals to teach classes to the public. Ongoing involvement from businesses and corporations offer paid internships, on the job training and valuable insight into their field of study.


The spaces in the building are conducive to innovation, discovery, research, experimentation and real world simulation scenarios. The central high volume spine ties the various programs blocks together.  A sense of place & identity for each program strand is expressed by use of unique colors & materials. Aesthetics of the building emulate a corporate environment, with features of a 21st century work place. The facility serves as a marketing tool to attract students and business partnerships.


Planning—Star of DistinctionThe central circulation spine and department wings create a small world of independent businesses. Indoor and outdoor maker spaces integrated throughout for experimentation and collaboration. Collaboration spaces facilitate cross-curricula learning and interaction among students. Building showcases student work and students working to promote active learning. Communication and collaboration with community and business leaders shaped state of the art facility tailored to regional needs.


Master-planned to address future district needs. Daylight provided in all program spaces, reducing artificial lighting demand and improving student focus. Native landscaping and plants reduce water usage. Local materials used throughout building exterior & interior. High efficiency roof top units and lighting controls reduce energy use in the building. Outdoor maker spaces and gathering spaces integrated for activities inside the building to flow to the exterior.


The building houses only CTE programs without duplication of amenities in the district’s high school. Flexible space layout allows the district to evolve programs over time. The project alleviated overcrowding of other high schools and focuses the owner’s resources for specialized programs in one building. Workforce certifications, licensures and college credit help students save money. Pathways offered are in fast growing industries and highest paying careers in the region.

School Transformation

Transformation—Star of DistinctionThe CTE Center prepares today’s students to thrive in a global economy, with project based AND cross-curricular learning. Program spaces emulate 21st century workplaces. Opened prior to House Bill 5, but embodied the vision of legislation. Ready for evolving technology with flexibility in a transformational environment. School serves as a bridge to college or career. Industry partners sharpened and focused district’s vision. Needs and goals of community played a vital role in modeling programs.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner