2017—Argyle Middle School

Argyle ISD—Argyle Middle School
Architect: Corgan

New 2-story Middle School including Educational space, Library, Band hall, Competition & Practice Gymnasiums and Outdoor Practice Field with Track for 1,000 students.


The sense of place and relationship to it surrounding was a critical design element carried throughout the plan, materials and function. Designed around a central elliptical courtyard that orients you as you circulate and provides a central focus for the facility. In addition, the classrooms enjoy centralized educational collaboration spaces, ringed by the core classrooms. The connection to the surrounding environment is reinforced with an abundance of glass to the surrounding fields.


The use of natural stone and steel provide both aesthetic and durable materials with minimal maintenance. The Athletics utilizes Insulated Tilt Wall construction with, board-formed exterior finish eliminating the need for additional exterior or interior cladding. The facility offers large communal areas that is shared both by the district and for community activities. The orientation and placement of expansive glass increases the value of each spaces experience via natural lighting and views.


The building orientation takes advantage of maximized north light with large expansive windows at the public areas and throughout the campus’s circulation. This light is then shared to additional interior commons areas with large expansive interior glass further reducing the need and strain of artificial lights at interior public spaces. The campus utilizes native, sustainable vegetation along with an on-sight greenhouse for further sustainable education opportunities.


This project involved the design of a new Middle School Campus for a growing community where the previous Middle School and High School shared one building. To assist with this new step for the community, the project began with extensive interaction via resident and faculty committees. These efforts resulted in a campus that reflected the communities’ current and aspirational identity. What resulted was a concept combining contemporary and rural/rustic attributes.


Planning for this project involved an understanding of the district’s current needs and intended use of the campus along with future needs and use. The current Middle School for 1,000 students was designed for the transformation to a 2,250+ High School in the near future. The understanding of the future expansions, informed the form of the campus allowing for efficient circulation extensions and program additions all while retaining efficient and appropriate function as a current Middle School.

School Transformation

This project was designed with a goal of evolution while retaining its connection to its surroundings. As the campus grows the facility is well equipped to adjust to new teaching and learning strategies with flexibly learning spaces in both the classroom and public areas. The campus’s public spaces dually serve the students and teachers needs as well as serving neighborhood events, complimenting the entire community.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner