2019—Escondido Elementary School

Judson ISD—Escondido Elementary School
Architect: Stantec

The new elementary school was designed for learners born and raised in the digital age who expect instant access to the world: the iGen student. The compact, two-story floor plan comprises identical hubs infused with vibrant colors and graphics to aid in wayfinding as well as a variety of spaces that extend beyond the classroom to foster collaborative learning environments. The energy efficient design serves as a textbook for the students and community to learn about sustainable practices.

Design—Star of DistinctionDesign

  • Color is pervasive throughout the school and helps with both wayfinding and hub identification
  • The compact 2-story floor plan consists of classroom hubs that are identical and therefore economical to construct
  • A central axis corridor aids as a connection route through all spaces
  • The design of the classrooms and flexible spaces reflects the overall theme of technology incorporated throughout the building


  • Cost per square foot of the new school was less than the average elementary school constructed in the area
  • The school layout consists of six classroom hubs identical in size and finishes, providing for ease of construction
  • The building responds to the topography of the site, minimizing construction costs
  • Cost efficient flooring was implemented and showed the benefits of low maintenance material


  • Orienting the building on an east/west axis reduces solar heat gain while benefiting from the southeasterly prevailing winds
  • An abundance of north facing glass allows natural daylight to permeate throughout the school and to promote a healthy and engaging learning environment
  • Low maintenance, durable materials were used on the interior and exterior of the building
  • Energy efficient systems such as LED lighting and a 4-pipe chiller system help minimize energy and utility costs


  • As with many communities, the new school serves as a central gathering space and quickly fostered a sense of pride in this new community
  • The selected materials reflect the surrounding neighborhood to fit within the context of the community
  • The school fosters an environment of collaboration between different grade levels and encourages them to engage, explore, and connect with one another
  • Building safety and security was a priority for the district and the community


  • Technology was integrated throughout the building in all classrooms, flexible spaces, and large group areas
  • Hub graphics were designed with the intention that the building could be used for future curriculum
  • Large group spaces were placed on opposite ends of the building to prevent congestion during class switchovers
  • Following the existing site contours minimized site development costs by drastically reducing cut and fill

School Transformation

  • The school is a collection of hubs centralized around a flex space, allowing for flexibility in class sizes and delivery of instruction
  • Focusing each hub on a different theme, promotes collaboration and discovery through grade level tours that highlight what their peers are learning
  • Technology in all forms is integrated throughout the school for the new age of learners; iGen

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner