2015 — San Jacinto Memorial High School

Houston Community College —San Jacinto Memorial High School

The scope of the project was to renovate the building, replace all MEP systems and restore the exterior of the building back to its original design. Additions include locker rooms, facilities, new stairs, new MEP and IT systems. Renovations include interior finishes, a state-of-the-art Cardio/Wellness Center, building components, and new modern energy efficient historically appropriate windows. The exterior two-tone masonry coating was removed, restoring the cast stone masonry and limestone.


This building is an important piece of the community. In 2013, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As the community has access to the Fitness Center, Auditorium and programs offered in the summer, the pride that is reinforced will inspire generations of students to come. This flagship building is now the heart of central campus.


The limestone façade and exterior of the building was fully restored back to its original design with new windows and newly replicated copper panels. The interior of the building was demolished back to the building structure and completely reconstructed to modern educational standards with new MEP and data systems, new finishes and a new program layout to meet educational needs. Strategic new additions transform the circulation flow.


The project started with careful investigation of the existing façade intended to bring back the glory of the original building. The design team participated in collaborative sessions with the Facilities Director, College President, and several other departmental leaders to review the program and plan development. Clear graphics and a program model were used to provide programmatic strategies.

Stars of Distinction Sustainability

Maintaining the existing super structure and implementing sustainable energy solutions in the reengineering of the exterior envelope to meet today’s energy standards was of the utmost importance. All classrooms and instructional areas include Integrated Classroom Lighting Systems: daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and teacher controls for general purpose lighting and A/V settings. The building is USGBC LEED Silver Certified.

Stars of Distinction Value

Reuse of the existing concrete structure and materials reduced the cost of the new facility significantly and conserved an important community Historic resource. The community now has access to the Auditorium and Fitness Center which generates additional revenue , along with summer-time programs that also contribute to the community. Life cycle cost efficiency: Annual savings of energy and water consumption has been reduced by 30%. Maintenance costs have been reduced as well by LED fixtures.

School Transformation

A 21st Century Learning Environment is essential for students today. Wireless technology throughout the building, lighting controls which promote instructional focus, projection and Audio/Visual systems are all key elements in the building. The Learning Emporium and central student gathering spaces promote collaborative teamwork. The Fitness Center promotes physical health and well-being and the large glazed openings in every classroom provide natural light.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner