2018—J.B. Hoover Elementary School

Cy-Fair ISD—J.B. Hoover Elementary School
Architect: VLK Architects


With a focus on early learning, this elementary school was designed for PK-2nd grade students. Academic preparedness is the goal of this open concept school. Grade levels experience their own neighborhoods with flexible collaboration areas for large group instruction and grade level celebrations. Math experiences focused on measurement and geometry TEKS are designed throughout the building offering unique learning tools as a part of the built environment.


Positioned 400 ft from an existing elementary school, the new PK-2nd grade campus provides relief to a fast growth attendance zone. The design supports shared infrastructure for deliveries, site utilities, bus routes, and community greenspace. Materials are simple and cost effective, but utilized in a creative way to add character and honor its neighboring school. Natural daylighting and low maintenance finishes save costs, while also providing comfort and warmth for early learners.


Designed to TX-CHPS standards, this PK-2nd grade elementary school incorporates natural daylighting in all classrooms to lower energy costs and improve health. Through an innovative educational dashboard, the school’s energy consumption can be measured and displayed allowing for specialized learning opportunities, integrating math and science for students. Rain collection, incorporated with outdoor planters, is accompanied with measurement and geometry TEKS throughout the outdoor courtyard.


Grade levels define their own learning communities in this early learning school designed for PK-2nd grade. The academic program required an early learning environment for modern pedagogy in a fast growth district. Input from a design team focused on the early learner contributed to this fresh solution that fosters engagement for young learners. Math integration focused on measurement and geometry TEKS throughout the building creates a sense of playfulness while inspiring student curiosity.


Roundtable discussions led to a fresh solution that fosters engagement and inspires curiosity for early learners. District representatives aspired to provide flexible collaborative learning opportunities to support academic readiness for all PK-2nd students. Concentration of mathematical concepts focused on measurement and geometry are found throughout the building as part of the design, while transparent classrooms clusters enhance responsive relationships between teachers and students.

School Transformation

This school serves as a means of transforming instructional delivery in an early learning environment designed for PK-2nd grade students and focused on math. Open and airy spaces extend the learning environment so students may gather in their grade level neighborhoods to celebrate and experience teacher-led large group instruction in a space inspired by measurement and geometry. Glass provides increased supervision for students to have autonomy within each grade level neighborhood.


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner