2019—Godley High School

Godley ISD—Godley High School
Architect: Huckabee

In a rural setting, the new high school stands as an icon of growth, progression and community. The school embodies a vision of personal and collaborative learning and a deep connection to shared and communal experience. At 120,068 sf, the school incorporates academic and core requirements for 700 students. The building is arranged around the Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) and is used for instruction, socialization, dining, group assembly and serves as their library.


The design for the new high school supports the district’s desire to evolve educational delivery and create a multifaceted learning experience. The concept permits students to define spatial purpose to fit personal, social and learning needs. Small, medium and large spaces connect along open corridors, allowing full transparency to learning. Outside, the orientation capitalizes on the unique opportunity to interact with the existing stadium, offering three levels of viewing platforms.


Every space in the building is multipurpose. Break-out rooms line the CLI, and a 3-story academic wing is comprised of shared learning space, movable walls, writable surfaces and access to the outdoors. Flexible furniture supports shared program space. A presentation room overlooks the CLI and serves as a lecture hall or meeting room for all programs. Materials were selected with an eye for durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

When designing the new high school, the district asked the community to dream. The high school creates a sense of community through the shared use of space hosting various district and community events. Having the new school envelope the stadium was an important feature to the district. Connection to the outdoors symbolizes connection to the community; there is a symbiotic relationship between internal and external settings.


The master-planned site contains phase one of the new high school and the existing facility, which has become the new middle school. The key vision of the master plan was to provide students with a wide variety of spaces for learning, both interior and exterior, that would most directly impact the way they wanted to teach and learn. Learning function drove design. Core components were prioritized and emphasis was placed on multipurpose spaces to best utilize available budget.

School Transformation

The new high school is setting the new standard for the district. They were able to maintain their rural identity while still receiving a highly innovative learning environment that is drawing people into the community. The simplicity of material and form of the building’s envelope reinforces the progressive and layered approach to learning. Transparency provides passive oversight by educators and encourages peer-to-peer awareness and connection.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner