2015 — David Anthony Middle School

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—David Anthony Middle School

Site is shared with Elementary School; Full A/E Services provided.


The Middle School is part of a master planned community and the site has been developed as a master planned campus with an Elementary School, allowing shared resources such as drives, joint use play fields, ability to share parking for after hours venues, and a shared Mechanical Central Plant for higher efficiency combined HVAC system. The design for the campus and the Middle School takes its cues from the master planned communities overarching design theme of “Contemporary Texas Hill Country.”

Stars of Distinction Design

Six small learning communities, adaptable/flexible spaces, small medium and large group areas for varied instructional spaces. High Density Wireless allows access anytime anywhere including the outdoor learning courtyard. Core academic classroom spaces have mostly transparent walls for observation of classrooms from corridors and from flexible/extended learning spaces into classrooms. Transparency is apparent thru-out allowing security and supervision and exposing components as teaching elements.


Planning for the new middle school was a collaborative effort of a team of district teachers , administrators, and maintenance and facilities staff. Goal setting was focused on the 21st century learner and long term vision sessions were held to establish the instructional needs for the students of tomorrow. Planning outcomes: various sizes and types of learning spaces oriented around a secure outdoor learning environment, visual ties of spaces so curiosity was created in students daily.

Stars of Distinction Sustainability

Building is registered as a “TX- CHPS designed” school. Touch screen kiosks to monitor and learn about building systems, real time building energy use and environmental aspects of the project. Outdoor sundials, measurements, angles, graphs and various learning opportunities exist in courtyard. Solar PV array, Wind Turbine and Rain Harvesting Cistern also tied to kiosk for monitoring of renewable energies by students. Solar shading and light shelves to provide day lighting in classroom spaces.


Shared resources with adjacent elementary such as drives, joint use play fields, ability to share parking for after hours venues, reduced infrastructure costs and impact to the site and a shared Mechanical Central Plant provided for higher efficiency combined HVAC system . All finish materials selected based on life cycle cost analysis and low maintenance, LVT flooring, LED exterior lighting, etc.

School Transformation


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner