2015 — H.M. King High School

Kingsville ISD—H.M. King High School

The new 166,434 s.f. High School consisting of 9th thru 12th grade classrooms, computer and science labs, kitchen/cafetorium, media center, lecture hall, CATE labs, and administration offices is designed for 1250 students.


The aesthetic design of the school is a contemporary interpretation of regional Spanish Mission Architectural influences from the original 1909 High School and nearby Spanish Style designed University. In the 70’s a high school replaced the 1909 structure, yet did not convey the cultural style of the community. This new facility revived that cultural identity with design elements from the original 1909 High School giving it a sense of regional authenticity and community pride.


Using regional forms from Spanish Style architecture and translated into modern materials the facility was able to make a modern building with regional characteristics of the community. State of the art computer labs, media center and STEM labs allowed the facility to become an Early College High School. The facility gave the students an opportunity to choose courses that will help them learn about arts and humanities, business and industry, public services, STEM and multidiscipline.


The new high school needed to be built while the existing high school was still operational. Multiple phases of the construction allowed new construction to take place and a master plan was designed to utilize the space that the existing high school was occupying. Specialized classrooms were designed to facilitate the ability for the high school to become an Early College High School. Ninth graders can either take the early college pathway to a 4 year degree or take career technical classes.


Multiple sustainable design elements were implemented in the new facility. High efficiency chillers, low-e glass, LED lighting and translucent panels were used throughout the building with skylights and some windows reducing the amount of electricity needed. Drought tolerant plants were used in the landscape to minimize the amount of water used and teach students about conservation and indigenous plants to the region.

Stars of Distinction Value

The materials used on exterior and interior portions of the building require little maintenance and long lasting solutions to many building elements. Porcelain tile on floors, masonry walls and high abuse gypsum walls will maintain the finishes in the building and last many years to come. Multiple areas were designed for night time and community functions outside of school hours, without allowing access to the rest of the building. Most classrooms were designed prototypical to allow flexibility.

School Transformation

A library of the 21st Century looks very different than the existing library . Collaborative spaces in the library as well as areas throughout the building allow small group study and large group study with full height white board painted walls. This gives students opportunities to study, learn and collaborate in these areas with the newest technology available. A STEM lab that rivals college level facilities was designed for the demanding curriculum of today and tomorrow.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner