2018—Cibolo Valley Elementary School

Schertz-Cibolo/Universal City ISD—Cibolo Valley Elementary School
Architect: LPA, Inc.

New 153,500 GSF elementary school with outdoor learning lab serving 1,000 students in grades Kinder – 4th grade.


A fast growing, suburban district requested a new larger (1,000 student) prototype design from those previously done by the district(750 student) . The problem, however, was accommodating a much larger student population while still providing a scale appropriate to the student ages. “Learning-ville” was created with age grouped “Neighborhood Blocks” for each grade levels arranged along “Main Street” with isolated public access functions. Brick and metal materials create industrial aesthetic.


Energy Efficiency and durability is maximized in building shell with high R masonry walls and roofs, high performance glass with solar shades. Classrooms use easily renovated drywall between rooms for adaptability & flexibility. Community use of Gymnasiums, Library and Cafetorium are at an elevated level because design arrangement. Cost of ownership is reduced with durable masonry finish materials, high efficiency AC chillers and LED light fixtures minimize energy use and carbon footprint.


Water Catchment used for irrigation and student gardens. Drought tolerant planting and recycled content artificial play surfaces provides low impact design. High R value walls and roof, low e double glazed windows with solar shading devices, mag bearing chillers with VAV air delivery and automated controls provide high energy efficiency. LED light fixtures with auto adjusting light controls and occupancy sensors reduce electrical usage. HVAC equipment is displayed for educational value.


Values of community demonstrated in materials and quality of construction. Context of place recalled with masonry & metal materials that recall local historical structures with overhangs and porches. Functional arrangement of public use and classroom spaces allows community after hours use without compromising the security of the rest of the school.Color of masonry & metal materials relate to historic town center.buildings. Outdoor playgrounds are accessible to community as a play park.


Mission and Goals identified by Planning committee made up of parents, teachers , administrators and designers. Strategies and goals formulated and concepts developed and evaluated by committee. Education specs and program written and ratified by Board of Trustee. Design strategy implemented and monitored by committee and Board of Trustees. Informed and integrated design process results in complete public acceptance of project. Second edition of school commissioned and under construction.

School Transformation



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