2018—JB Hensler College and Career Academy

Alvin ISD—JB Hensler College and Career Academy
Architect: PBK

The CTE Center will prepare students for diverse careers that reflect industry needs by providing advanced labs, workshops and specialized learning environments for Culinary Arts, Information Technology, Cosmetology, Health Professions, Veterinary, Criminal Justice, Construction, HVAC, Auto Tech, and Welding programs. Any student in the district can attend to become more career or college ready by obtaining certifications and college credit before enrolling at an institution of higher learning.


  • The CTE Center makes students want to attend, a rare school that students are not required to attend necessitates a “Wow Factor”.
  • The building itself attracts students to come and create their future within its brick façade and towering entry.
  • The materials are chosen to create the feel of a higher education facility for collaboration, investigation and certification.


  • The Center uses a converted gym as an Automotive Workshop.
  • Durable materials line the corridors such as terrazzo, brick and plastic laminate panels.
  • Exterior brick, CMU, and metal panels were all selected to last for decades to come.
  • Concrete floors, lintels, rails, bollards, trim, screen walls, and aluminum frames are naturally finished to avoid ongoing maintenance.
  • Graphics are made with a vandal resistant durable material.


  • To save energy, the facility uses LED fixtures, a magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, a high efficiency condensing boiler, energy recovery wheels, HVLS fans, classroom demand outside air control monitoring system, and condensing water heaters.
  • Sunshades, reduction of glazing on South and West facades, and proper orientation reduce the cooling load.
  • Highly encouraging carpooling and busing, low flow toilet fixtures, and local, durable materials

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

  • The small hamlet called Manvel has welcomed the Center with open arms. The towering entry and soaring angles bring a needed pulse of the zeitgeist into its timeworn backroads.
  • Signs on the façade call community members to get a haircut, eat at the Bistro, have a dog groomed by vet techs or get a tune up in the auto shop.
  • The community is essential to student life and in order for them to feel welcome, special entrances were created to connect programs with the community.


  • An intensive planning cycle evaluated both educational program demands and facility requirements for 14 of the career clusters offered by the district.
  • An Ed Spec was written to help determine space needs for each program.
  • The result determined which programs would remain on high school campuses and which would belong at the CTE Center.
  • The goal is to place the more expensive courses at the centrally located CTE Center for all students to provide the best value for the District.

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

  • The CTE Center fuels learning anywhere with extemporaneous learning areas all over the facility.
  • The Resource Center is a library where Chaucer is eschewed for certification achievement tools.
  • Small group work takes place in the huddle rooms, learning lab, and breakout spaces near the program areas.
  • The student union’s learning stair can connect multiple disciplines for a speaker.


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner