2019—Kranz Junior High School

Dickinson ISD—Kranz Junior High School
Architect: PBK

Regional growth drove the need for new junior high. Design responsive to active learning curriculum, stem & community multipurpose usage. Campus organized around a centralized learning courtyard for increased outdoor learning. Full-service auditorium programmed into building due to local community being completely void of multi-purpose gathering venues. Open concept media center reduces overall environmental footprint by providing a “community of learning” through shared spaces & resources.

Design—Star of DistinctionDesign

Vibrant interior colors enhance energy, mood & productivity. Environmental graphics broadcast “space culture” & influence on science curricula. Contemporary exterior offers progressive relevancy. Open concept library & commons encourage reactive spontaneous learning. Learning courtyard permits informal meeting spaces & 100% daylight in every classroom. Transparency encourages teaching & learning collaboration. Shared collaboration areas facilitate active learning amongst classroom spaces.


Building orientation minimizes solar heat gain. Courtyard permits natural daylight into every classroom. Super graphics with motivational words & phrases communicate inspiration through innovation. Courtyard provides alternative learning opportunities. Synthetic turf in the courtyard minimizes maintenance needs. Durable materials used to reduce life cycle & maintenance costs. LED lighting & high-efficiency water systems reduce operational costs. The project was delivered on time & under budget.


The compact footprint minimizes overall environmental carbon footprint. Occupancy sensors, LED lighting, sun shades & low-e glazing contribute to an efficient, long-life building environment. Building orientation capitalizes on daylight from North/South & minimizes heat gain from East/West. North facing curtain wall in open concept Media Center delivers optimum views & saturates space with natural light. Durable building materials offer low life-cycle costs & minimize maintenance.

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

Campus theme & STEM program strongly influenced by local SPACE STATION. STEM Program directly responsive to skill-sets demanded by the local workforce. Multipurpose, technology-rich environment offers a centralized community place for patrons to congregate. Vibrant learning environment rich with graphics, phrases & colors delivers passive learning opportunities. A comprehensive auditorium provides a long-overdue functional venue for a community that had been completely void of a large gathering space.


Planning incorporated MULTIPLE VISIONING SESSIONS during community workshops. Planning team established RELATIONSHIPS of site elements & basic functional & spatial relationships of the interior program. Process resulted in an array of NEXTGEN elements such as an OPEN CONCEPT LIBRARY and OUTDOOR LEARNING COURTYARD. Project-based curriculum supported by INNOVATIVE SHARED SPACES & “LIFE-LONG LEARNING” OPPORTUNITIES.

School Transformation

Junior High now serves as a community centerpiece offering space & amenities for district patrons to gather for academic events, fine arts performances & celebrations. Technology rich learning communities chock full of adaptable, multi-purpose spaces. Agile furniture settings permit various classroom arrangements. Ample outdoor spaces encourage students to engage in physically and mentally stimulating activities. The learning courtyard offers congregation areas for both small & large group assembly.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner