2019—Manor Senior High School

Manor ISD—Manor Senior High School
Architect: Perkins+Will

To address fast growth, the CTE Senior HS was ideated as a collegiate feel exclusively for all juniors and seniors as a means to uplift all students in the district. The design features an expansive College and Career Center in the primary entry to focus each day on the future. As the first-of-its-kind in central Texas, the CTE Senior High School allows students to graduate with a diploma and professional certifications/career training to support students’ transitions beyond high school.


In the final design, the 1926 “heart” of the school was preserved and restored, while new construction, represented by north and south academic “wings,” wrapped around it, as if embracing the historical design. The connection between the old and new is represented by the flow of the design, and was preserved by use of materials, historic details, and supergraphics featuring historic drawings and articles. Interconnecting CTE spaces with regular academic spaces encourages cross-collaboration.


“The CTE Senior H.S. was designed with a higher education feel to visualize transitions from K12. The campus-like building is centered on a 3-story atrium, which acts as the social hub housing the cafeteria, media center, career center, and maker space. Students walk through the career center as they enter the building, interacting with career options daily. Extrinsic views are directed toward vegetated ponds while intrinsic views focus on open social spaces and CTE on display.”


Student health & wellness, including an emphasis on movement, healthy eating, & connection with the outdoors, is key to the building design. A multi-story layout allowed for a reduced building footprint & co-locating with the existing stadium meant shared parking to reduce impervious cover. A wet pond with wetlands provides water quality treatment & hands on learning for students. Glazing & building orientation were designed to maximize views & daylight, while minimizing glare & energy use.


Community voices of students, parents, faculty, business, and neighbors were captured in the vision for the Senior HS using small group conversations, town hall scale meetings, and online surveys. The need for a second HS raised concerns about inequities and rivalry between the two schools. The Senior HS model unified the community benefiting all. The community played a role in determining the CTE programs, like cosmetology and vet med that are on the ground floor providing free services.

Planning—Star of DistinctionPlanning

Focusing on the future & encouraging movement with the building, the school exposes students to new interests & potential pathways. The College & Career / Media Center at the heart of the building provides opportunities for flexibility, collaboration & interaction between faculty & students. The project is master planned to allow the campus to expand as either a larger senior HS or a comprehensive 4-yr high school, to include an auditorium, dance gym, additional CTE spaces & capacity expansions.

Transformation—Star of DistinctionSchool Transformation

Answering the increased population needs within the District, the Senior HS focuses on economic opportunities for students as a means of community building. As the first-of-its-kind in Central Texas, the CTE Senior HS has multiple career paths for students to graduate with a diploma & certifications in career training that support development beyond high school. The design includes flexible student collaborative areas to encourage & support project-based learning & real-world experiences.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner