2019—Lagos Elementary School

Manor ISD—Lagos Elementary School
Architect: Stantec

This school is designed to support the District’s project based learning & sustainability objectives. This Net Zero Energy design goal incorporates sustainable features. Learning Neighborhoods are organized by grade & supported by breakout spaces. Transparency in spaces creates a “Learning on Display” environment that allows supervision between traditional & flexible learning. The core of the building is the cafeteria, gym & library that can be used for community functions outside school hours.

Design—Star of DistinctionDesign

  • Designed with large collaboration areas in every classroom wing to adapt to a variety of learning styles and student centered activities
  • “Learning Neighborhoods” identified by Texas state symbols
  • The discovery zone becomes the heart of the school by extending learning beyond the classroom
  • “Learning on Display” in corridors and in library accommodates for both supervision and an inviting/engaging environment

Value—Star of DistinctionValue

  • A school that is compact, flexible, and adaptable allows for more functional learning spaces while reducing building footprint, circulation time and roof areas
  • The use of durable, low maintenance materials reduces the life cycle and maintenance costs
  • Net Zero Ready Design includes high-efficiency HVAC systems, lighting and control systems, and high-efficiency kitchen equipment”

Sustainability—Star of DistinctionSustainability

  • 100% daylight in all classrooms connects students and teachers to the natural environment.
  • Advanced geothermal, building control, and HVAC systems provide a significant decrease in energy usage
  • High performance building that functions as a teaching tool. High-performance kitchen equipment reduces HVAC space. Low maintenance and durable materials.
  • In the outdoor garden, students have the opportunity to learn about sustainable features like water recovery”


  • The school creates a self-sustaining community for the students within the broader community
  • Functions of the community core, public space, and residential zones are paralleled within the student community
  • The school recreates pride and identity for the district •The school is a community for the children”


  • PBL (Project Based Learning) allows students to explore the school and learn from it. In return, it prepares kids for PBL, vertically aligning with the district’s curriculum
  • The school uses the discovery zone to enhance 21st-century learning techniques
  • The building serves as an educational tool that fosters student exploration and collaboration
  • The district looks to the future by planning a Net-Zero Ready school

School Transformation

  • Allows for student empowerment and engagement through PBL and LGI
  • The functions of public spaces and residential zones are paralleled with the school’s discovery zone and learning neighborhoods.
  • Aligns with the learning strategies of the middle and high school and strengthens the district’s vision
  • Creates a community inside of a community

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner