2019—Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men

Houston ISD—Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men
Architect: HarrisonKornberg Architects


The design took into consideration the site’s proximity to the main spine of the neighborhood, while maintaining the school’s identity through material selection, visual and pedestrian connections. Original building pieces and artifacts were incorporated into the design. Modern trespa was used to place emphasis on and showcase the robotics classrooms, while masonry and decorative metal panels were employed in a manner respecting the historical buildings once on the site and in the neighborhood.


With rapid population growth and proximity to the city’s business district, the district sought to bring better facilities and organizations that serve this area. Shared spaces and flexible rooms allow for multiple uses and program growth within the school. Materials selected considered use and durability in an all-boys school as well as a collegiate feel and neighborhood prominence.


The schools is currently pursuing LEED Silver Certification. Daylighting is used throughout the building and outdoor dining and learning areas are incorporated. A VRF HVAC System was used for quiet operation, less use of space and the ability for teacher control. Highly efficient plumbing fixtures reduced the overall water usage of the school. Sustainability was at the forefront of selecting materials to incorporate throughout the school.


The school is located in a historic community rich with history. The new school pays homage to the community’s history while becoming a new beacon for the community. The design process included many community forums and PAT meetings. Together, active community members and the project team set principles that would guide the entire development and the new facility.


The predesign process including many forums including multiple stakeholders from the school, district and surrounding community. The team considered many options of using pieces of the historic building or designing an entirely new school. The design team analyzed the existing facilities and considered factors including the size and geometry of spaces compared to those for 21st century learning standards.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner