2019—Dr. Archie L. Blanson Career and Technical Education High School

Aldine ISD—Dr. Archie L. Blanson Career and Technical Education High School
Architect: MWA Architects & SEG Engineering and SSH Engineers

New CTE High School


“State-of-the-art, light industrial, and outside-the-box educational facility. Supportive, safe and secure indoor and outdoor environments. Uplifting spaces promote access to a wide range of learning skills. Ease of access and visual connection into classrooms and labs. Natural light illuminates classrooms, labs, and common assembly spaces. North and south building wings bend to create positive courtyard space.”


“Cutting edge career-starting learning environments. Facility hosts certified programs that produce a career-ready workforce. Energy saving systems and materials will reduce costs during the life of this facility. The building is a source for new facilities being planned across the state. Courtyard and multi-use assembly spaces provide additional meeting venues to the district and community. Reduction of skills gap in the region.”


“Building layout maximizes northern and southern building orientation while reducing east and west heat gain exposure – see floor plans. Courtyard allows for daylight harvesting to reach 95% of classrooms and lab spaces – see floor plans. Acoustical performance achieved with acoustic panels and black sprayed-on insulation below metal deck. Wide use of sustainable materials that are easy to maintain. LED lighting throughout facility for lower energy usage and cost.”


“Strong business industry and higher education participation in the mentorship of students. Commitment to the nurturing of future skilled labor in the immediate community and surrounding areas. Co-op agreements between the business leaders and district leadership. Engaged parent support in school events. Dedicated and motivated school educators.”


“Project program developed from district’s assessment and community input during pre-design meetings. District leaders, teachers, students, parents, and the local community envisioned an innovative school design that empowers student achievement and that is on the cutting edge of current industry standards. Partnerships were created with business and industry professionals. The vision for this facility has already started producing achievement results.”

School Transformation

“Building spaces encourage instruction and learning outside the classroom. The school campus is a canvas for different forms of instruction. Accessible collaboration spaces throughout facility are available to students, staff, and the community. Labs, classrooms, and shared spaces designed for innovative opportunities and active, experiential learning. School facility is opening doors for students with training and career certification for a high demand skilled workforce.”

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner