2019—Manor New Tech High School

Manor ISD—Manor New Tech High School
Architect: PBK

Project consists of a 2-story classroom addition & “extreme makeover” to interiors of an existing high school. The school resides in a complex including a middle school, administration building, transportation facilities, and football stadium. Most renovations were conducted during summer months to minimize interruption to educational operations. The classroom addition was constructed during school – careful planning allowed construction to take place with minimal impact the educational process.


Design is tailored for project-based learning STEM applications. Plan emphasizes learning that is student-driven, engaging, and meets the needs of differing academic abilities. It prepares students to excel in an information-based society. The transformation has created an environment that encourages interaction through active and passive transparencies; where cross-pollination of programs unite with multi-studio teaching and passive supervision to foster a seamless sense of academic teamwork.


Where possible, the existing 30-year old environment was transformed using the existing structure and foundation to maximize budget dollars and add value through connectivity of new and existing spaces. The 2-story classroom wing adds value to the overall campus while an existing warehouse structure was completely gutted and re-purposed into a comprehensive fabrication lab. The all-masonry shell with insulated metal panel accents is durable, budget friendly and low maintenance.


Abundant daylight and 100% LED lights reduce energy loads and local, durable materials (i.e. brick and polished concrete flooring) reduce life-cycle costs and overall maintenance. Building orientation, low E-glazing, operable shading devices and extended roof overhangs decrease the interior heat gain and HVAC demand. The campus landscape features native and drought-tolerant plants. Reuse and re-purposing of existing structures on site reduce the embodied energy needed for construction.


The transformation has made a positive difference in community school spirit. The renovated gym and locker facilities support community events, performances and school activities on weekends and after-hours. The re-purposing of an existing warehouse into a fabrication lab has become a tremendous resource for the entire district and adjacent community. Revitalized shared spaces such as the cafeteria, media center, and gyms are used for a variety of community activities.


Design team met with district leadership and community stakeholders to analyze, prioritize, and refine the design solution. Community visioning sessions collected purpose-driven ideas and goals while schematic concepts and renderings provided visual direction. Careful site planning culminated in a campus plan that addresses the district’s long-term functional and academic needs. Campus safety measures were improved by connecting new interior spaces with existing.

School Transformation

The plan creates an atmosphere where learning is student-driven, engaging, and meets the needs of a wide variety of academic abilities and preparing students to excel in an information-based and technology-advanced society. Learning happens everywhere with formal and collaborative learning spaces, changing student perception and behavior and revitalizing their enthusiasm for academic achievement. A variety of learning spaces support the instructional model and allow for student choice.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner