2019—Wilson Montessori Elementary School Renovation & K-8 Addition

Houston ISD—Wilson Montessori Elementary School Renovation & K-8 Addition
Architect: Smith & Company Architects & Pfluger Architects

New Addition & General Renovations to accommodate 750-900 students.


The project included renovations to the school’s original historic 1924 building & a new three-story addition.The new & the renovated spaces allow the students to experience learning specially designed to meet their developmental needs. The school’s new addition features a Learning Center, drama room, multipurpose rooms, & dining area lined with large windows. Other features include a two-story library with large exterior windows that bring in natural light and connect students to the outdoors.


“Woodrow Wilson Montessori K-8 guiding principles have been incorporated into the overall design. This program was developed through Wilson’s Montessori Educational Specifications. Every indoor and outdoor space was designed to allow flexible use by multiple users. Large exterior windows that bring in natural light. Low maintenance finishes. This school is part of Houston’s SPARK program.”


“Each classroom contains natural day-lighting, energy efficient occupant sensors, smart boards and is flexible to accommodate future changes. The school-owned gymnasium, cafeteria and playing fields will be shared with the surrounding community. Preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. 100% of the weighted building roof surface has a Solar Reflectance Index. This school has recently received LEED Silver Certification form the US Green Building Council.”


“This Building will build better lives for our children. It will build pride in our community & strong relationships as we continue to work together to ensure all our children receive the best educational opportunities we can provide” (Board of Education Trustee Anne Sung said). This school has an almost century-long history in the Montrose Community. “These newly renovated spaces will serve to solidify the school legacy for many more years to come” (Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan said).


This project was broken up into 2 phases. Phase I: removal & installation of portable buildings. Phase II: new addition & renovations. The 1st level features a Multipurpose Gym, Dining Commons, & Drama Theatre. The 2nd level has shared classrooms; Science & Arts Learning Centers, Computer Lab, & a Self-contained Learning Center. The 3rd level includes classrooms for grades 4th to 8th.The new addition is a Teacher’s Workroom & a Lounge on level two & the Learning Commons on levels two and three.

School Transformation

“Using 21st Century Design Principles, this school features flexible learning spaces & adaptable spaces. Studios to support project-based learning. Cluster instructional areas. Space for sharing instructional resources. Natural light in all of its classrooms and access to the natural environment. Outdoor Learning Spaces, playground and sports venues.”

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner