2019—Shepton High School

Plano ISD—Shepton High School
Architect: VLK Architects

Administration and fine arts addition, including a new front door image for the building. Interior environments were created for collaboration and the cafeteria was transformed into a full performing arts theatre.


The existing claustrophobic plan was opened up to promote light and incorporates a variety of scales, materials, and colors to bring life into the once dreary facility with the benefit of added security. Flexible design was incorporated thru the plan allowing for 21st Century learning and instruction to take place virtually anywhere. Moveable partitions, collaboration zones, diverse seating arrangements, and modern technology allow for adaptable spaces.


The district reinvested in the community by renovating the existing building. Repurposing existing offices into a collaboration center created a unique space that facilitates a variety of student projects and presentations. Providing the ability to isolate while enhancing the cafetorium optimizes functionality of the space and the core of the school. Creation of a storm shelter provides additional safety precautions for students.


District reinvested in the community by renovating the existing school. Repurposing of existing spaces allowed for creation of transformative learning spaces supporting the districts educational goals. Utilization of efficient MEP systems, low maintenance and durable interior and exterior materials saves resources and eliminates harsh chemicals in the learning environment. Site disturbance was minimized by the compact additions that were integrated into the sloping site.


Renovating the existing school sought to invest back in the surrounding community and continue its positive influence on the neighborhood. Learning community was engaged in design process through a charrette. Creation of on-site stacking lanes, improves adjacent roadway safety. The community has access to the school auditorium and gymnasiums for functions. Improvements brought parity to the existing high school with the district’s newest schools and equalized student and teacher opportunities.


A carefully crafted charrette process led to a fresh solution that fosters engagement and inspiration for students and teachers alike. District representatives aspired to provide flexible collaborative learning opportunities to support academic readiness. Identified needs included an inviting student entrance, large highly flexible presentation space, and distributed collaboration opportunities. It also identified a need to reorganize the site circulation in order to improve safety on campus.

School Transformation

The renovated campus provides students and teachers an environment that fosters engagement, inspiration, providing flexible collaborative learning opportunities sought by the district to preparation for college and career readiness. These spaces support active and engaged learning, teamwork, social and emotional development, the display of student work, and encourage teaching innovation. The design process gave voice and instilled community-based values into the vision for the facility.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner