2020—Clear Lake High School

Clear Creek ISD—Clear Lake High School
Architect: PBK

Originally constructed in the 1970s, this community flagship campus enjoys a tremendous amount of local pride and historical sentiment. This “extreme makeover” represents a historically complicated project involving intricately phased construction on a very busy, 2,500-student campus… all while occupied. The revitalized campus yields not only a recharged level of community spirit & pride, but does so in a very creative, historically respectful, and fiscally responsible manner.


  • Extreme makeover” honors historical sentiment while transitioning the campus into the 22nd Century
  • Corporate exterior respects district’s progressive brand & compliments surrounding community architecture
  • Professional, corporate-inspired exterior compliments modern interiors
  • Program infuses project-based learning with active learning spaces
  • Diverse learning spaces, adaptable furniture arrangements & campus-wide technology infrastructure deliver a wholly active learning environment








  • Form Follows Phasing
  • Extensive phasing plan ensured the educational process was uninterrupted & all campus occupants remained safe at all times
  • Heavy inclusion of community businesses, educators, parents & students to generate goals, establish vision & build consensus
  • Designated planning activities were conducted to strategize mixed-use gathering spaces & define program adjacencies
  • Intensive educator & student input was maximized to articulate the progressive interior themes & function

School Transformation

  • Community-based design committee formulated a corporate-inspired exterior character that speaks visually to high academic aspirations & life-long learning
  • Revised plan represents a transformation & revised paradigm for the district’s interior educational environment
  • New paradigm shifts the educational program from traditional departmentalization to NextGen Learning nodes including teaming & project-based learning
  • Educational program infuses project-based learning with active learning spaces

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner