2020—Texas State Technical College (Fort Bend)

Texas State Technical College—Texas State Technical College (Fort Bend)
Architect: PBK

New campus for College system that is master planned for six total major facilities and designs for two initial buildings with curriculum to include labs for Diesel Technology, Robotics, Lineman, Welding, MEP & Technology and various offices, Student Services, classrooms, computer labs and meeting spaces.


The industrial identity of the school compliments its mission, conveys educational focus, and gives students a learning environment like the workforce. Views into instructional spaces occur along circulation routes, putting learning on display. Large windows and openings in the floor filter natural daylight into the building. Overhead utilities, wide span/open bay spaces and moveable equipment provide flexibility, so that adding equipment or reconfiguring spaces is simple and cost effective.


We used local, durable materials such as tilt-wall concrete, stone, and glass to reduce life cycle and maintenance costs. The campus landscape features native and drought tolerant plants that require little water and maintenance. Low E glazing, shading devices and large roof overhangs decrease the heat load and HVAC demand. Wood reclaimed from demolished buildings was reassembled by TSTC students to highlight special spaces dedicated to collaboration.



Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

To fill the skills gap and train local workers, the school has programs to prepare students for jobs in the area. The school delivers high-tech education in partnership with businesses, industries, government agencies and educational institutions. The project has multipurpose space, pre-function space, food service and technology to support local meetings. Within the building, a café, shared common spaces and outdoor activities provide an area for comradery and project-based activities.


High job growth is increasing demand for skilled workers trained in high tech fields such as engineering and repair technologies. The Center provides high quality education and training to prepare students to acquire these jobs.

School Transformation

Openings in floors, large glass walls, and open instructional spaces create horizontal and vertical connections throughout the building increasing the sense of community and placing learning on display. Student-centered, collaborative, project-based learning emulates a professional environment with a focus on real-world career applications.

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner