2021—Lyondell Basell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology

San Jacinto College District—Lyondell Basell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology
Architect: IBI Group, Inc.

“A new complex with a separate 8,000 SF, two-story process training unit, 35 custom interior labs (including a multifunctional glass pilot lab), 20 interactive classrooms, 4 custom workstations, advanced control rooms, conference, training, and assembly spaces. Students have access to hands-on training experiences as they work toward associate degrees and industry certifications.”


“The iconic building form and location embodies the petrochemical engineering image and reflects the importance and opportunity inherent in the region. Labs and classrooms include interactive technologies to support collaboration with a “learn anytime, anywhere” environment. Spaces were envisioned as a teaching environment with cohesive furnishings and graphics to encourage integration, elicit conversation, and imitate a real work environment that enhances experiential learning. ”


“90 companies operate 132 plants within a 13-mile radius of the College. As the country’s second-largest producer of process operator graduates, the design created numerous community partnerships with local businesses that have transformed course offerings. The building provides flexible meeting spaces and a large multi-purpose event center that fostered the creation of a “Community Fair” for families to experience the unique petrochemical features and manufacturing environment.”


“An ambitious showpiece of petrochemical education, training laboratories, and processing plant of any in its class. The building includes 35 custom interior labs that create a real-life representation of processes in unit operations, 20 interactive classrooms, flex spaces, advanced control rooms, faculty suites, and a multi-purpose event center. Safety is a top priority and cultural mindset; badging and proper work attire is required as a basic curriculum feature.”


“The college works with companies to create customized training for incumbent workers to maximize the region’s ability to capitalize on the new facility, faculty, and resources while collaboratively hosting events and annual conferences in support of workforce development. The facility acts as a billboard for excellence to technical education to help the region maintain its status as the “Energy Capital of the World.”

Planning—Star of DistinctionPlanning

“Recruited to develop a master plan for the 141-acre property, planning called for the workforce facility to integrate with the new south entry of the campus and serving as an engine for economic and cultural development. With feedback from an advisory council of industry representatives and plant managers, partner companies lead the design of specific features and labs while providing expertise on equipment, curriculum, safety, and software recommendations. DESIGNED BY INDUSTRY, FOR INDUSTRY.”

School Transformation

“Cutting-edge, true transformative learning environment bringing together early college high school, college workforce, certification students and industry professionals for requirements in process technology, instrumentation/controls, nondestructive testing, etc. From introductory courses in petrochemical engineering to a two-story process training unit and multifunctional glass pilot lab…PLACED SQUARE IN THE HEART OF THE LARGEST PETROCHEMICAL MANUFACTURING COMPLEX IN THE UNITED STATES. ”

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner