2021-Chevron Phillips Chemical CTE Center

Sweeny ISD—Chevron Phillips Chemical CTE Center
Architect: Stantec

The project is a renovation of the existing 48-year-old CTE Center. The curriculum focus is driven by the District’s vision to partner with local industries and create a talent pool for the next generation workforce. Refurbishment of the exterior included installation of metal panel cladding and a new entry. The existing outdated maze of interior spaces were replaced with new efficient, flexible, and organized modern learning spaces while keeping the existing structural system intact.


  • Transformation of a 48-year-old building into a state-of-the-art CTE center
  • Originally only accessed through the high school, the revitalized CTE Center was given its own secure public entrance and exterior face lift
  • Reorganization and centralization of CTE programs into one building
  • Variety of real-life instructional spaces to support both current and future programs
  • Design emphasizes flexibility, visibility, collaboration, and adaptability


  • Reuse of existing structure reduced cost of construction compared to building new
  • The highly efficient and well-organized spatial layout maximize instructional space and flexibility
  • Utilized existing square footage by transforming outside storage area into an outdoor instructional space – extending learning beyond the classroom
  • The design was focused on not only enhancing existing CTE programs but to allow for adaption to future CTE programs with minimal modifications”


  • Integration of industry partner equipment and demonstration learning tools into instructional spaces
  • Creative problem-solving allowed re-use of existing 48-year-old building while maintaining connection to the existing high school
  • Reconfiguration of space created maximum design efficiency, enabling more innovative programs for advanced career opportunities
  • Transparency emphasized throughout the building encouraging student engagement”

Community—Star of DistinctionCommunity

  • Local industry partners significantly impacted the CTE Center revitalization. Along with donations, design input, and namesake incorporation, ongoing contributions include mentorship, funding for certifications, dual credit courses, and testing
  • The CTE Center provides a pipeline of future employees to regional employers, connecting students to the community beyond graduation
  • CTE Programs teach real-world skills and benefits the local community by providing services run by students”


  • An iterative planning process included tours of successful CTE facilities with the end users
  • Input from CTE students, teachers, industry partners, and district administration helped shape the project to meet the specific needs of the CTE programs
  • CTE pathways were studied and translated into spatial requirements and guided the efficient organization of programs
  • Technology, flexible furniture, and collaborative spaces were integrated into the design

School Transformation

  • Static spaces replaced with dynamic learning environments containing state-of-the-art equipment and technology preparing students for future careers
  • Outdated, undersized, maze of disparate programs replaced with new cohesive, flexible, and modern learning spaces
  • Shared use of equipment and spaces foster interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Opaque and closed-off rooms replaced with transparent collaborative spaces
  • Exterior facelift creates clear identity within the community

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner