2016—Rick Reedy High School

Frisco ISD—Rick Reedy High School
Architect: Stantec

The new 325,000 SF high school serves as a centerpiece of the neighborhood, creating a new culture that connects the school to its community. It is small enough to provide each student with a full spectrum of curriculum and high quality amenities that prepares students for future success. With the community’s preference for traditional architecture, the design balances a Romanesque revival style in a modern growing community, and creates a tradition-rich campus feel.


  • As a centerpiece of the neighborhood, the building supports a new culture that connects the school to its community
  • Community within is enhanced through the support of peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction by the purposeful arrangement of collaboration and gathering spaces
  • There’s a space for everyone – students feel a sense of belonging, pride, ownership
  • Freedom of choice in where students can go to learn and collaborate with each other


  • A traditional architectural expression infused into a modern, high end learning program
  • Design language consists of contrasting brick, stone colors repeated in rhythmic patterns of arches, pilasters and textural bands accentuated by the interplay of light and shadow
  • With 70 feet of fall across 47 acres, the site led to a building form that includes five distinctly different major floor levels and a massing arrangement that suggests a campus-like collection of smaller buildings


  • Prominent presence to the high portion of the site and the main road of the community
  • The building is arranged into focused and active zones, effectively separating the program into academic and kinetic learning areas
  • The courtyard serves as zone separator and draws natural light into the center of the building mass and a place for outdoor gathering and study to occur
  • Performance and play areas have separate entrances and have linkage to adjacent site programmatic support elements


  • Sustainability—Star of DistinctionUse of local, durable materials such as brick masonry, ceramic wall tile and terrazzo flooring to reduce life cycle and maintenance costs
  • Low E glazing, high efficiency lighting and operable shading devices decrease heat load and HVAC demand
  • Geothermal HVAC systems, insulated concrete form (ICF) exterior walls and Energy Star roofing reduce energy consumption and save on long term operational costs
  • Advanced water systems management provide savings in water use


  • School serves smaller student population within community
  • Students have opportunities for advanced curriculum offered in robust learning environments and extracurricular activities
  • Building volume and floor levels respond to the site’s natural topography
  • Multi-use, multi-function areas increase efficiency and enhance value
  • Flexible spaces encourage nontraditional use. Examples include: the library functioning as a commons gathering space; the dance studio serving as a classroom

School Transformation

  • A purposely small student population allows for student inclusion in multiple activities beyond the classroom
  • A broad variety of electives are supported by quality learning environments like competitive athletics and music programs
  • Multi-use, multi-function spaces promote peer to peer collaboration and enhance active learning
  • Collaborative environment creates a rich and well-rounded high school experience that prepares students for future success

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner