2016—Frisco Career and Technical Education Center

Frisco ISD—Frisco Career and Technical Education Center
Architect: Stantec

Central challenge was to create flexible learning environments that supported knowledge and skills necessary for the careers of the future. Complementary new program and building space was integrated into one of the most innovative career centers in the country. Culmination of a vision that started 15 years ago with the development of a career education center supporting multiple high schools on a master planned site that includes central administration and a comprehensive high school campus.


  • Site selected to be the geographic center of the district allowing equal access from all district high schools
  • Reinforces the district’s commitment to higher education – CTE students encouraged to take advanced college courses at the adjacent college campus
  • Large Learning Theater showcases student work to the community through presentation and career fairs
  • Spaces and materials carefully crafted to create a center that belongs in the community


  • Design—Star of DistinctionInnovative design for a center focused on the future
  • Design expression inspired by the collegiate environments students one day hope to attend
  • Elegant balance of contemporary materials – exposed steel structure, aluminum, and glass countered by the warmth of wood ceilings and glulam beams provide thoughtful linkage to the existing building
  • The design serves to anchor the CTE Center and provide a connection the adjacent administration building and high school campus


  • The culmination of the district’s inclusive planning process for CTE education involving multiple stakeholders developed over fifteen years on a master planned site with other district facilities
  • The infrastructure, including parking, was planned – no construction disturbance to the rest of the center during construction
  • It builds in flexibility through multi-function and multi-use spaces, supporting future programs yet to be discovered


  • A big impact in a small footprint – design maximizes site utilization and preserves existing tree groves that provide natural shading to the building
  • Detailed solar studies define the placement of shading louvers and overhangs while increasing views and capturing natural daylight
  • Geothermal HVAC system heats and cools through the use of the earth as a natural resource, reflective roofing, highly efficient spray insulation and LED lights with daylight harvesting helps save energy


  • Quality learning environments serve 2,000 students from multiple schools – eliminating costly replication while maximizing utilization
  • Evolving programming for the careers of the future is supported by an emphasis on multi-function and multi-use learning environments
  • Labs and classrooms are supported by adjacent flex spaces with movable, writable partitions that promote collaboration and brain storming activities – 70% of space is dedicated to learning

School Transformation

  • Transformation—Star of DistinctionTo meet the needs of “careers of the future” the design focuses on every space used as a learning space
  • Students are prepared with skillsets necessary to be successful – planning, making and presenting
  • The heart of this school is the collaboration zone that encourages active learning – teaming and peer to peer interaction
  • Each space offers flexibility and accommodates learning – inside the classroom, outside the building and everywhere in between

Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner