IDG Architects, Inc.

IDG Architects was founded in 2001, as a multi-disciplined, full service architectural firm offering a full-range of architectural services including survey and analysis of existing facilities, programming, planning and interiors. IDG is guided by the principle that conscientious, proper design has an enduring value. IDG applies the most creative and advanced technology with equal concern for economy, aesthetics, function and durability to achieve the most effective design solution that satisfies the needs, goals and objectives of the client. Simply stated, IDG will do “whatever it takes” to assist our clients in having the most efficient, functional and well-designed facilities possible within their time, scope and budget allocations.

Houston ISD—Charles Atherton Elementary

Atherton Elementary was designed as a 21st Century school which accomplishes the needs and goals of our client. The caveat of features include vivid bursts of color, natural light, shared activity spaces, moveable walls, flexible seating arrangements, and sustainable design based on the criteria outlined by Houston Independent School District.