2018—Los Encinos Elementary School

Corpus Christi ISD—Los Encinos Elementary School
Architect: Gignac & Associates, LLP

New build designed to LEED Gold standards. The new facility has 44 classrooms, media center, “cafetorium” and gymnasium and can accommodate up to 750 students. Interior classrooms have vertical daylighting devices to bring natural daylight into learning spaces.


The new 750 student facility was designed to LEED Gold standards, with 44 classrooms, media center, “cafetorium” and gymnasium. Interior classrooms have vertical daylighting devices to bring natural daylight into learning spaces to create a more beneficial learning space for students. The facility layout has a main circulation corridor to break up the major educational spaces, with classrooms on one side and special learning spaces, such as gym, music and art on the other.


The facility is designed to LEED Gold standards to ensure cost efficiency for the client. The facility incorporates local regional materials to endure the harsh South Texas climate, uses daylighting to promote energy-efficiency, and incorporates multiple community and collaborative-learning spaces to provide flexible, shared-use space.


The facility is designed to LEED Gold standards to minimize life-cycle costs and the effects on the environment. Daylighting throughout the bulding and the use of Solatubes allows the facility to use less energy for lighting and to promote a more natural environment for students.


The new facility is a replacement for an old out-dated facility. It was designed adjacent to the existing facility to allow for consistency in the community and ensure the schools sense of place for students and neighbors. The exterior design of the facility reflects the coastal environment in which it is built with the use of colors, materials, and local landscaping.


The project’s mission, goals and educational program were achieved throughout the design process, specifically through the on-site design charettes, in which users and stakeholders congregated to discuss the needs of the new facility. Through thoughtful discussion and design the resulting new facility achieved the goals of student security with secure entry, sense of community with collaborative learning spaces, encourage learning through flexible learning spaces and special programs.

School Transformation

This facility promotes flexible, mobile learning with the use of technology and collaborative learning spaces. Young students are placed in classrooms surrounded classrooms of ranging grade levels. The collaborative spaces, media center, gymnasium, and cafeteria are designed as flexible spaces to promote interaction among students to promote many types of learning. In addition the school promotes creativity through its unique form and colorful floor patterns.


Stars of Distinction Star of Distinction Category Winner