HarrisonKornberg Architects

HarrisonKornberg is a Houston-based Architecture firm specializing in the design of educational, institutional, commercial and residential projects. We provide programming, master planning, architectural design (new buildings and renovations), historic preservation, interiors, graphics and signage design services. James Harrison & Daniel Kornberg founded the firm in 2003 with a shared devotion to design excellence and their belief in the power of the built environment to enrich life.

We have experience designing and delivering architectural projects including higher educational structures, new and renovated K-12 schools, office buildings, community centers, higher education student life and academic buildings, gymnasiums and athletic facilities, churches, aviation and airport facilities, regional shopping centers, individual retail stores, single-family custom homes and senior assisted living facilities.

Houston Community College—West Houston Institute

The West Houston Institute (WHI) at Houston Community College (HCC) is an innovation center designed to prepare students for the technological changes that will create huge challenges for our workforce as well as the educational system itself. The WHI was designed to incorporate a wide range of synergistic spaces that can pivot and adapt as new challenges emerge, while at the same time nurturing innovation from both faculty and students to drive change. It incorporates a MakerSpace, a facilitated collaboration area (Collaboratorium), conference center, Digital Media Center, Teaching Innovation Lab, Learning Spaces Institute, advanced natural and computational science labs, experiential STEM teaching.