IBI Group

IBI Group was founded in 1974 by nine partners to provide professional services in planning and design for urban development and transportation. Even then, we maintained a relentless focus on integrating all of our different disciplines to provide more holistic solutions to our clients. From the initial two offices in Toronto and Vancouver, IBI Group has grown to over 60 offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with more than 2,500 employees. In 2000, we experienced strategic growth through acquisitions and in 2004, the firm went public with the formation of the IBI Income Fund. The Fund was converted to a corporation – IBI Group Inc. – at the end of 2010.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—Bane Elementary School Addition and Renovations

Modernization of a school that served the community since 1957 required the design to incorporate 40,857 SF of new construction and 61,310 SF of renovations. The previous campus consisted of three buildings connected by overhead canopies. Demolishing the annex and expanding the 1972 and 1980 multi-purpose buildings with a new entrance, 19 classrooms, functional multi-purpose area, etc. transformed the compact campus into a contemporary learning environment making excellent use of space.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—Bridgeland Educational Village

The 573,468 SF high school, 125,725 SF elementary school are part of a multi-campus educational village that will also include a future middle school. The concept takes advantage of shared facilities, programs, and educational opportunities that occur when facilities are in close proximity. The focus of this project was driven by the interaction of students in varying grade levels, as both a learner and a mentor, while maintaining their identity as unique campuses within the village.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—David Anthony Middle School

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD—David Anthony Middle School

Site is shared with Elementary School; Full A/E Services provided.

Hamshire-Fannett ISD—Hamshire-Fannett Elementary School

The new 90,000 SF facility replaces a 1950’s era campus that was damaged in a fire. Within the facility are primary grade level, early childhood, and Pre-K programs. The community expressed historical sentiment in keeping the replacement facility on the current site. Organized to foster student safety, security, and inclusion, new features include security vestibules, card access doors, and real-time cameras. The school acts as a popular hub for local events and school functions.

La Porte ISD—James H. Baker Sixth Grade Campus

This new, 123,000 SF 6th grade center replaces a sprawling, 1960’s era facility previously utilized as a nuclear fallout shelter. Designed to accommodate 855 students, the unique presence of this building creates a balance between a strong sense of identity for the school and fosters an environment for students and community. The cafetorium allows for a quick lunch turnaround, better student behavior and a venue for community events. The building is a storm shelter for the community.

La Porte ISD—Lomax Elementary

“This new 100,400 SF elementary school replaces a mid-century campus and can accommodate up to 729 students. Organized to foster student safety, security and inclusion, the light-filled core classroom spaces are arranged around shared learning spaces.

Scope: education specifications, programming, master planning, design and phased construction. Connection to place, adaptability, connectivity of space and durable materials ensure the facility will remain a strong civic symbol.”

Pasadena ISD—Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School

Pasadena ISD—Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School

New facility; All A/E Services; FF&E Consulting

Pasadena ISD—J. Frank Dobie High School Ninth Grade Campus

After years of overcrowding at the main campus, a new two-story 174,344 SF facility was designed to house the freshman class with future expansion in mind. The focus was to provide a welcoming place for incoming students to adapt to the high school environment until the transition to the main campus for the sophomore year. Both the exterior and interior design provides a connection to the main campus, ensuring that the strong school spirit would continue to resonate at the ninth grade facility.

San Jacinto Community College—Maritime Technology and Training Center

San Jacinto Community College—Maritime Technology and Training Center

Community Meeting Spaces; Maritime Introduction, Academic Courses; Training Curriculum with Pilot Simulators; U.S.C.G. Certification Courses. Site features include: U.S.C.G. Aquatic Training Facility with Dressing Rooms, Life Boat: Davit, Boat Ramp & Canal Concrete Bulkhead, Tug Boat Industry Added Docking Pier to Meet Facility Designed Hurricane Codes, Simulation Labs, Radar/Navigation, Full + Mini-Bridge, Galley, Liquid Cargo + Joint Control Rooms.

Texas City ISD—Industrial Trades Center

The Industrial Trades Center is a program that supports students across Galveston County as well as the industry workforce. The program fosters partnerships with business and industry leaders to train students for skilled labor jobs.

Texas City ISD—William R. Blocker Addition and Renovations

“The site of two landmark school buildings in the heart of the District was ideal, their condition was not. This school’s design is the result of a unique and highly-tailored response that fulfilled the District’s curricular needs and community expectations transforming the existing school into a state-of-the-art teaching facility. Re-energizing the District, this project raised the expectations of their staff and students to expect more.”